Journey through Tanzania

Embark with Safari Avventura for a memorable journey through Tanzania, and an exciting tour that will take you to the most beautiful parks in Northern and Southern Tanzania for a life-changing experience! Our tours in Tanzania include the organization of all the time spent in this magical country, from meals and lodges where you can spend the night to park admissions.

Discover our fantastic safari itineraries below and set off now for an unforgettable tour!

Itineraries in the Northern Parks of Tanzania

Safari Kudu

11 days Safari Itinerary in Tanzania

Safari Kudu 11 days itinerary in Tanzania

Lion Safari

10 days itinerary in Tanzania

Lion Safari 10 days itinerary in Tanzania

Safari Luxury

9 day luxury trip to Tanzania

Safari Luxury - Viaggio di lusso in Tanzania

Mamba Safari

9 days itinerary in Tanzania

Safari Mamba 9 Days itinerary in Tanzania

Tour Culture

8 days culture itinerary in Tanzania

Safari Culture

Flamingo Safari

8 days itinerary in Tanzania

8 days safari in tanzania Flamingo

Cheetah Safari

7 days itinerary in Tanzania

Cheetah Safari 7-day itinerary in Tanzania

Hyena Safari

6 days itinerary in Tanzania

Hyena Safari 6 days Itinerary in Tanzania

safari Buffalo

5 days itinerary in Tanzania

Safari Buffalo Great Migration

Dumbo Safari

4 days itinerary in Tanzania

Safari Dumbo

Antelope Safari

4 days itinerary in Tanzania

Safari Antelope 4 Days itinerary in Tanzania

Tours of Tanzania’s Southern Parks

Safari Crocodile

3 days itinerary in the Selous

safari Selous Tanzania

Safari Bat-Eared Fox

3 days itinerary in Ruaha

Safari Ruaha

Tour Tanzania + Sea Extension

Happy Family

11 days safari with children in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Private Safari in Tanzania

Safari Rhino

12-day Safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar: 7 days in Tanzania + 5 days in Zanzibar

tanzania and zanzibar holiday

Safari Leopard

9 days safari in Tanzania and 6 days in Zanzibar

9 days safari in the parks of Northern Tanzania + sea extension in Zanzibar


5-day itinerary in Tanzania and 8-day itinerary in Zanzibar

Safari Zebra

What you need to know about travelling to Tanzania

1. What to pack

Are you ready to immerse yourself into our fantastic itineraries? Would you like to spend your honeymoon on a safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar? Then you absolutely have to think about what to pack.
To protect yourself from the sun and insects, it’s absolutely important to bring along sunscreens with high protection, alongside a high-coverage insect repellent.
As a precaution, it is advisable to bring generic drugs; in addition to those you may take regularly (antipyretic, broad-spectrum antibiotic, intestinal disinfectant, eye drops).
For safaris, wear light, easily washable items of clothing, a windproof jacket and pullover for early morning activities, as well as sunglasses, a sun cap, a scarf or bandana for the wind, and comfortable sneakers. Long trousers and long-sleeved t-shirts are recommended as they deter insect bites.
Download our easy-to-use Check List with gear and clothing to pack for a safari in Tanzania.

2. Cost of touring in Tanzania

All our different safari itineraries in Tanzania include numerous services that are already included in the displayed prices. The only expense not included is the cost of air travel to Tanzania.

However, the cost of travelling to Tanzania may depend on several factors. In fact, the prices of itineraries in Tanzania range from 700€ to 3000 €, depending on the number of days you book and the type of lifestyle you intend to sustain. So if you’ve been wondering how much a tour in Tanzania costs, the answer is: “about 300 € a day”.

For Safari Avventura, payment is made by bank transfer after contacting our staff, with whom we will organise the trip.

3. How we plan your trip to Tanzania

At Safari Avventura we take care of all ground services, assisting travellers from the moment they arrive at the airport, providing full board, a personal guide who speaks Italian and English, private use of a jeep (with power outlets, fridge with cold drinks and snacks, binoculars), and select accommodation.

4. Necessary passports and visas

Foreigners entering Tanzania must be in possession of a passport valid for at least 6 months. The passport must be presented with an ordinary visa to an immigration officer at any point of entry.
The “ordinary visa”, which is normally required for tourist visits, can be requested, before departure, in the country of origin at the Tanzanian Embassy, or directly upon arrival in Tanzania, at a control point, after completing a form, where you will be asked, among other things; flight details, passport number and information, and you will have to pay 50 USD (approximately 42.40 €). No photo is required for this visa type.

5. Vaccinations in Tanzania

For safaris in Tanzania there are NO mandatory vaccinations required.
Hepatitis, typhoid and malaria prophylaxis are recommended. If necessary, consult your doctor or the ASL.

We recommend using an insect repellent and mosquito net to avoid insect and mosquito bites. There aren’t many mosquitoes, especially during the dry season, and the probability of contracting diseases is really low, but it is important to be cautious and avoid any risk. Vaccination for yellow fever is not mandatory, except for those coming from endemic areas, such as Kenya, for which it will be mandatory.

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