Flamingo Safari

The flamingo safari is the perfect itinerary for you whose desire is to visit and discover the wonders of northern Tanzania. It is a unique experience during which you will be able to visit some of the most beautiful places in this land. During this safari in Tanzania, you will have the opportunity to visit the Arusha, Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks, as well as to see the peculiar Manyara Lake and immerse yourself in the adventures of Ngorongoro.A perfect itinerary, particularly for those seeking wonderful views for an unforgettable photo safari. All with the constant assistance of our staff, a personal guide, full board in beautiful select accommodations. Are you ready to go?

Travel Information

The vacation will last a total of 8 days.
• Destinations: Arusha, Tarangire, Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro
• Lunch: packed/picnic
• Dinner and Breakfast: at the Lodge
• Tour type: Private Safari
• AMREF Insurance

Additional services

• Visit to the Masai Village of Boma
• Savannah Bike Tour
• Nature walk in the forest
• Nature walk to Lake Duluti
• Horseback riding (Arusha)


The offer starts at 2.249 USD for person
* The prices shown do not include costs of flights!

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Arrival at the airport and transfer

Arrival at Kilimanjaro and departure to Arusha

After your arrival at Kilimanjaro airport, where a Safari Avventura’s guide will be present to welcome you, we will offer you a refreshment typical of Tanzanian cuisine. You will then have the opportunity to rest from the long journey in your Lodge, or head to the city of Arusha to get in touch with such a distant reality.


Visit Arusha park

Visit to the Arusha National Park

After the first day spent acclimatizing and enjoying a first taste of Tanzania, it’s time to go to the Arusha National Park, one of the most important and evocative scenic destinations in all of Tanzania.

The exploration of the park will be done in a jeep driven by Francis, your personal guide, who will lead you to discover the beauties of this park, such as the Ngurdoto crater, Mount Meru and the Momela lakes. The flora and views are very varied, as you transition from the forest to the swamps. The momela lakes are an important meeting place for different species of birds, especially flamingos, should you be interested in birdwatching.

Arusha has a wide variety of wildlife, and you can find many enchanting animal species, including huge elephants, giraffes, warthogs, baboons and many other animals. You might even catch a glimpse of leopards if you’re careful and lucky.

Lunch will be prepared by the staff, who will delight you with the local cuisine, after which you will be taken back in the evening to your lodge, where dinner and a warm bed await you.


Visit Tarangire Park

Visit to the Tarangire National Park

After the second day safari in the small park of Arusha, it is now the turn of the Tarangire National Park, the starting point for many safaris in northern Tanzania. There are numerous features that make this one of the most interesting parks, and among these certainly stand out the majestic Baobab, trees of incredible size that every year drive large numbers of tourists to go on safaris just to see them up close.

The main animal species of the Tarangire National Park are elephants, which are present in large numbers here, black rhinos, which are becoming increasingly rare, masai lions, black buffaloes, one of the largest animals in Tanzania, and several species of antelopes and gazelles.

The Tarangire Park is suitable for different types of safaris, and in addition to photo safaris, it is particularly suited to birdwatchers, who may find themselves in front of over 500 bird species.

The staff of Safari Avventura also gives you the additional opportunity to go on a night safari in the enchanting area of lolkisale.

Packed lunch, dinner and overnight accommodation at the lodge.


Tour Manyara Park

Visit to Manyara Park

You have reached the fourth day of the Flamingo itinerary, and today you can expect a tour of Lake Manyara National Park, the most beautiful lake in all of Africa. Tanzania’s second oldest park Lake, Manyara Park, is best known for two distinct features: its beautiful birds, which make it a perfect destination for photo safari and birdwatching enthusiasts, and the Masai lions, which you can find perched on the trees.

It is unique for the huge amount of flamingos in the lake, which from a distance makes it look like a pink spectrum.

Packed lunch. Dinner and overnight accommodation at the lodge.


Visit Serengeti national park

Visit to the Serengeti Park

This fifth day of safari is one of the most important on the Flamingo itinerary, as it involves a visit to the Serengeti National Park, one of the greatest wonders of the world and a place where you can really immerse yourself in nature and its cycles.

The Serengeti Park is famous all over the world for its huge Gnu migration, a breathtaking phenomenon that every year sees the migration of one million species. The Serengeti is one of the largest parks in northern Tanzania and is home to many different species, including several predators such as cheetahs and lions.

The animal concentration is so high that it leaves you breathless: 200,000 zebras, huge herds of African elephants and many other animals await you here.

Packed lunch. Dinner and overnight accommodation at the tented camp.


Fauna Serengeti National Park

Exploring the Serengeti

The sixth day will be entirely dedicated to the exploration of the enchanting and evocative Serengeti National Park. You will be able to observe some of the most characteristic animal species of Tanzania in this park. Large predators and trails with crocodiles and hippos await you in this magical land.

Dinner and overnight accommodation at the Lodge.


Ngorongoro crater

The Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is the most distinctive feature of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and is an area of great animal and plant biodiversity. Ngorongoro is one of the most popular and desirable destinations for many visitors and safari enthusiasts. The area is also home to rare black rhinos.

The Crater is a giant caldera that hosts many different animal species, and contains over 30,000 large animals and as many birds. Buffaloes, rhinos, African elephants and lions are just some of the most common animals.

Packed lunch. Dinner and overnight accommodation at the reference lodge.


Visit Arusha market

Trip to Arusha and return home

Today you return home, but before you do, there is still time for one last trip to Arusha and a little shopping to buy souvenirs and gifts for friends who were not lucky enough to take part in this unforgettable safari.

Safari Avventura will be with you until your departure from the Kilimanjaro airport.

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