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Start discovering the wonders of Tanzania by entrusting yourself to a Tour Operator specialized in Safari in Tanzania, which organizes tours in Tanzania with a professional European and Tanzanian management team, as well as plan out your holidays to make them pleasant and unforgettable. We are the only place to book the best safaris in Tanzania. Get started now to begin exploring our different destinations and itineraries!

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Experience a safari in Tanzania

We are a local Tour Operator specializing in safaris in Tanzania that will bring you to discover these magical and enchanting lands. We will charm you with the endless horizon of the Savannah, the great reserves, animals, northern and southern parks, postcard-like sunsets, primordial Africa; home to ancient tribes, and white beaches overlooking the beautiful sea in the Zanzibar archipelago. Safari Avventura offers you unforgettable photographic safaris in Tanzania, where you can enjoy truly poignant experiences, thanks to our experienced local guides.


Leave now for a safari choosing from one of our many tours in Tanzania, itineraries made especially for you. Choose based on the type of trip and the parks you want to visit. You can also choose the sea extension, to push you to Zanzibar!

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We have reserved some offers for you to leave immediately for Tanzania without thinking twice. Take advantage of our safaris on offer and go in groups at a lower price. An unforgettable journey awaits you!

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Our mission is to make you experience an unforgettable adventure!

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    Our most popular safaris

    Among the most beautiful and exciting parks to visit there is certainly the Serengeti National Park, an essential stop on almost all of our tours. Here you will find the 4 most booked itineraries that include a visit to the Serengeti, along with many other parks, such as that of Arusha and Tarangire.

    tanzania safari 9 giorni

    9-day safari in Tanzania

    Arusha Park

    Tarangire Park

    Manyara Park

    Serengeti Park


    Lake Eyasi

    Starting from 2.445 USD

    viaggio di lusso in tanzania

    Luxury safari in Tanzania

    Arusha Park

    Tarangire Park

    Manyara Park with night safari

    Serengeti Park

    Balloon Safari

    Ngorongoro Reservation

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    safari gnu grande migrazione

    Great Migration Safari tour of 12 days

    Ngorongoro Reservation

    Ngorongoro Crater

    Tarangire Park

    Serengeti Park

    Great migration in the Serengeti

    Arusha Park

    Starting from 3.050 USD

    safari tazania e zanzibar

    7 days in Tanzania + 5 in Zanzibar

    Arusha Park

    Tarangire Park


    Manyara Park

    Serengeti Park


    Starting from € 3,349

    The prices of a safari in Tanzania

    All our different safari itineraries in Tanzania include numerous services which are all already included in the displayed prices. The only expense not included is that of air travel to reach Tanzania.

    However, the cost of a safari trip to Tanzania can depend on many factors. The prices, in fact, of the itineraries in the Rift Valley range from 700 to 3000 €, based on the number of days you book and the type of lifestyle you want to maintain. So if you have wondered how much a tour in Tanzania costs , the answer is: “around € 300 per day”.

    With Safari Avventura payment is made following contact with our staff, with whom we will organize the trip, by bank transfer .

    When to go on a tour in Tanzania?

    Tanzania has a tropical climate . In the highlands, temperatures vary between 10 and 20 ° C during the cold and warm seasons respectively. The rest of the country has temperatures that rarely drop below 20 ° C. The warmest period runs from November to February (25-31 ° C), while the coldest period occurs between May and August (15-20 ° C). The climate is cool in the high mountain regions.

    In the north of Tanzania and on the north coast, there are two rainy seasons , respectively October-December (called the small rains or Vuli) and March.

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    How to organize a safari in Tanzania:

    To help you organize your trip to the beautiful lands of Tanzania, to experience an unforgettable safari tour, we have prepared a detailed guide you can read here. Below, however, we have reported a series of indications and advice that will allow you to experience the safari with more serenity.

    If, on the other hand, you are interested in the parks of  Tanzania to visit, you can find them on this page.

    How much does a safari cost?

    What vaccinations and visas do you need?

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