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The Maasai tribe: discovering the history and culture of the Masai People

The Maasai tribe roam freely across the savannah from country to country, moving from one place to another without any regard for travel regulations or state […]

The African Elephant: habitats, weight and other facts

The African elephant, also known as Loxodonta africana, is one of the most popular and sought after animals during safaris in Tanzania, which thanks to its […]

Tanzania Flag: History, Appearance and Meaning

The flag of Tanzania, formally known as the United Republic of Tanzania, is composed of typical African colours, and was adopted on 30 June 1964 as […]

What are the Big 5 Animals of Africa?

Big Five is an increasingly popular term among safari and animal lovers, which, however, has a very distasteful origin, which is still a major problem for […]

African Leopard: discovering the facts about the super predator feline

The leopard (Panthera Pardus) belongs to one of the five panther subfamilies and is a predatory feline par excellence. There is a huge number of leopards […]

Greater kudu: facts about the antelope of southern africa

Kudus, or cudus, are divided into Greater and minor, Tragelaphusstrepsiceros and Tragelaphusimberbis, and are African ruminants that both live in the wooded areas of East Africa. […]

Tanzania Safety: Tanzania Travel Advice

Is Tanzania safe? If you chose the right tour operator, yes. Deciding on a journey to Tanzania and Zanzibar is one of the best decisions you […]

The tribes of Lake Eyasi: meeting with the culture of Tanzania

Lake Eyasi is a warm and dry place of wild beauty located at an altitude of about 1000 m between the Eyasi Cliff to the north […]

Things to do in tanzania: the most beautiful places in the African Savannah

Tanzania is an extraordinary country, home to several large and ecologically significant nature parks and reserves, as well as a number of archaeological and historical sites. […]

Black Rhinoceros: Facts, Extinction and Population

The black rhinoceros (DicerosBicornis), or hooked rhinoceros, is a perissodactyl mammal of the African flat regions, and is most common to the areas of Botswana, Kenya, […]

The Black Mamba: Africa’s most poisonous snake

The Black Mamba snake (Dendroaspispolylepis), also known as the Seven Steps snake, has a terrible reputation as one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, […]

African Lion: Appearance and Characteristics of the King of the jungle

The lion of East Africa, also known as the Masai Lion or African Lion, is a species quite different from the Asian one. Come and discover it!

How to plan a safari in Tanzania from A to Z

Tanzania is one of those magical lands with a distant atmosphere, a pristine place where you can get in touch with the wildest nature and the […]

Safari in Africa: Prices, Travels and Information on the best safaris

Safaris are one of the most beautiful experiences you can live, and there is only one place you can go to live these memorable experiences: Africa. […]

How much does a safari in Tanzania cost? Prices and deals

Going to Tanzania for a safari tour is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have in your life. Safaris here are magical experiences where […]