Hyena Safari: 6 days Itinerary in Tanzania

An experience that will change your life. This safari in Tanzania will accompany you for 6 long days in the exploration of African terrain, where you will come into contact not only with beautiful landscapes, savannahs and wild nature, but also with some of the most beautiful animals in the world.

You will explore some of the most beautiful parks in Africa and even the world during the hyena safari, such as Serengeti National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, and the beautiful conservation area of Ngorongoro, an area filled with wonderful animals.

Travel Information

This safari will last a total of 6 days.
• Destinations: Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Manyara.
• Lunch: packed/picnic
• Dinner and Breakfast at the Lodge
• Tour type: Private Safari


The cost of the Hyena Safari starts from:
1.887 USD
This cost includes all expenses except plane tickets.

Additional services

The Hyena Safari has many other surprises for you; what are they? The obvious are the many additional services we provide to make your trip even more beautiful and memorable, tailored to your specific interests. You will find below all the different adventures that you can add to your safari in Tanzania.
• Visit to the Masai Village of Boma
• Savannah Bike Tour
• Nature walk in the forest
• Nature walk to Lake Duluti
• Horseback riding (Arusha)

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Itinerary of the Hyena Safari


Arrival at the airport and transfer

From the Kilimanjaro airport to Arusha

Begin your safari in Tanzania with Safari Avventura, with your arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport, one of the most popular places in Africa because of the beautiful Kilimanjaro National Park. You will be greeted here by the staff of Safari Avventura, who from now on will be your personal guide through this African land.

You will then be spoilt for choice with a buffet of local African specialities. To end the day, you can choose to either stay in the lodge at Arusha, a truly magical and enchanting place, or leave immediately for the city, to immerse yourself in the discovery of Africa.

Dinner and overnight accommodation will be at the lodge.


Visit Tarangire Park

Exploring Tarangire Park

After breakfast we will go on to discover the Tarangire National Park, the first stop of this Hyena safari. The park is about 2 hours from Arusha, and is famous for its large number of beautiful baobabs, many of which are more than 2000 years old. These trees are truly majestic, and are even broader than a car.

Passing through the Tarangire Park is a large river, a life source for the area’s wildlife, which is rich in Tanzania’s finest animals. Examples? You will find huge herds of elephants and zebras, as well as cudus and wildebeests. You can also see tree climbing snakes, such as pythons and black mambas, and even leopards and rhinos.

The Tarangire area can also be a splendid park for birdwatching, especially during the months from October to May.

We also have a surprise in store for you. You can in fact make, on request only, night excursions by jeep to Lolkisale, to view this land from a different perspective.

Packed lunch, dinner and overnight accommodation at the lodge.


Ngorongoro crater

The magnificent Ngorongoro Crater

We will be visiting the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on this penultimate day of Safari, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978 and one of the most famous and sought after safari destinations.

The most important feature of this natural park, created for the protection and conservation of its rich African fauna, is undoubtedly the Ngorongoro Crater, surrounded by a large forest. Inside the crater is an impressive amount of animals. There are in fact over 30,000 large animals and a large number of birds which have settled in the area, thanks to the presence of lakes.

The animals and birds share the space with the Masai people, who have the right to graze.

Packed Lunch will be served, while dinner and overnight accommodation will be at the Lodge.


Visit Serengeti national park

Exploring the Serengeti Park

Here we are on our fourth day of your safari, which will take you to one of the most beautiful places in Tanzania, which will literally take your breath away. After breakfast, you will set out for the Serengeti National Park, one of the few places in the world where you can see nature in all its true and authentic beauty. The Serengeti is known for the migratory flows that see thousands and thousands of animals moving every year in pursuit of the park’s green pastures.

This park is not only famous for the migration of wildebeests and antelopes, but also for the presence of dangerous and wonderful predators, such as African lions, cheetahs and leopards.

Parked lunch will be served, while dinner and overnight accommodation will be at the tented camp.


Visit Lake Manyara National Park

The Wonders of the Lake Manyara Park

The fifth day of the Hyena safari will be dedicated to the exploration of one of the most peculiar parks in Tanzania, Lake Manyara. This is one of the smallest and most beautiful lakes in Tanzania, characterized by an unparalleled biodiversity, which allows you to watch an incredible number of animals.

Dinner and overnight accommodation at the lodge.


Visit Arusha market

Last glimpse of Arusha and return home

Today is the last day of the safari, and alas we must go home. Wait though, we still have some time! This sixth day will be dedicated to a second trip to Arusha and a little shopping, so as to bring home something more than just memories and thoughts, but also gifts for your love ones who could not enjoy this wonderful safari in the lands of Tanzania.

Wait: the adventures are not over here! Well yes, we know you’ve already visited a number of beautiful parks, which is why we’re giving you the possibility to extend this adventure with the “sea extension package“, so you can stay a few more days and explore beautiful seaside resorts.

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