2 July 2019
Maasai people

The Masai people: discovering the East African tribe

The Masai people roam freely across the savannah from country to country, moving from one place to another without any regard for travel regulations or state […]
2 July 2019
Tanzania flag

The Tanzanian Flag: History, Appearance and Curiosity

The Flag of Tanzania, formally known as the United Republic of Tanzania, is composed of typical African colours, and was adopted on 30 June 1964 as […]
13 June 2019
Lake Eyasi Tribe

The tribes of Lake Eyasi: meeting with the locals

13 June 2019
What To See In Tanzania

What to see in Tanzania: the most beautiful places in the African Savannah

Tanzania is an extraordinary country, home to several large and ecologically significant nature parks and reserves, as well as a number of archaeological and historical sites. […]