13 June 2019
Black rhinoceros

Black Rhinoceros: Facts, Extinction and Population

The black rhinoceros (DicerosBicornis), or hooked rhinoceros, is a perissodactyl mammal of the African flat regions, and is most common to the areas of Botswana, Kenya, […]
13 June 2019
Black Mamba snake

The Black Mamba: Africa’s most poisonous snake

The Black Mamba snake (Dendroaspispolylepis), also known as the Seven Steps snake, has a terrible reputation as one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, […]
13 June 2019
African lion

African Lion: Appearance and Characteristics of the King of the jungle

The lion of East Africa, also known as the Masai Lion or African Lion, is a species quite different from the Asian one. Come and discover it!
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